s t a t e m e n t

Initiated by a history grounded in fibers, my work explores intersections between the body, the world, translation and the making of language. 
My works depict fleeting processes that cannot be fixed and are virtually impossible to harness.  Activated subject matter is gleaned from transformative processes; the velocity of a river’s flow, air currents, rhythmic breathing, transcribed lines that revise and author texts.  The use of abstract modes of making solidifies the certainty of temporality, translation, shift and change. Subject remains on the move and may unravel and reconstitute at any point.  Adjacent relationships afford the potentiality of alternative histories to always be considered. 

Nothing is ever permanent in these parts.  

I make use of a variety of media to materialize a ‘drawn’ line. Linear in construction, my works make visible the interconnectedness between time and space as if warp and weft.  Through stacking, suspending, gathering and revising, ideas materialize by way of active mark. The flatness of a picture plane gives way to spatial illusion once a mark is drawn upon it.  Disparate ideas dissolve, assemble and resolve in my attempt to materialize alternatives analogous to the buoyancy of mimesis, semiotics and cerebral abstraction. 

My work speaks to evolutionary processes as much as to revolutionary ones. 

s t a t e m e n t
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