Mantle Project
APR 2020 

A shawl or cloak to protect.
Anything that cloaks, envelops, covers, or conceals.
A mantle, gives off a brilliant incandescent light.
Of the cortex of the cerebrum.

The layer of the earth's interior that protects the crust and the core is the mantle.
As in, mantle rock.
The upper mantle is a source of magma and volcanic lava that flows.
A mantle is the living zone of hot gases around a flame.
It beckons to become covered, as a surface with scum or froth.

That spreads and becomes over a surface.
Any living surface available to spread the mantle.
A blush over my face.
Mickey had started a fire and stood with his hands on the mantle
The flames hit unable to stop.
An important role or responsibility that passes from one person to another.
MCL is an aggressive B-cell malignancy that is considered incurable. 

Hidden under the mantle of night.
Heavy mists mantled the forest slopes.
A virus comes.
* I found here for myself a woman.
She walks much in an overcoat of calico.
                     (A 20th c. Northern Siberian poem)*

She was clocked in a mantle of full of light.