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50 Haikus
Volume 1, Issue 12
Prolific Press, Johnstown, PA
Stone Canoe 11
A Journal of Arts, Literature and Social Commentary
Number 11, Downtown Writers Center, Syracuse, NY 2017
Skagaströnd Review, editor Andrea Webster, Paris /
Skagaströnd, ICELAND MAR 2016, illustrated
Stone Canoe 10
A Journal of Arts, Literature and Social Commentary
Number 10, Downtown Writers Center, Syracuse, Syracuse, NY 2016
cover image
Stone Canoe 8
A Journal of Arts, Literature and Social Commentary Number 8, Syracuse University Press, Syracuse, NY 2014 illustrated
Stone Canoe 7
A Journal of Arts, Literature and Social Commentary Number 7, Syracuse University Press, Syracuse, NY 2013 illustrated
Stone Canoe 4
A Journal of Arts, Literature and Social Commentary Number 4, Syracuse University Press, Syracuse, NY 2010 illustrated
Fundación Casa Museo SOLAINA DE PILOÑO Biennial exhibition catalogue, Galicia, SPAIN NOV 2008 illustrated
Galichnik Biennial exhibition catalogue, published by MALA STANICA National Galleries of Macedonia, Skopje, MACEDONIA, 2007 illustrated

Pepper, Jennifer. Charles W. Goolsby: Sfumato: Italian Landscape Monotypes, authored exhibition catalogue essay: “Liminal Ports: Italian Landscape Monotypes by Charles W. Goolsby,” 1912 Gallery, Emory & Henry College, Emory, VA MAR 2003
Dobie, Elizabeth Ann, Body of Experience, McIntosh Gallery, The University of Western Ontario, 1997, London, Ontario, Canada, illustrated
Kahn, Robin, editor, Time Capsule, Creative Time & SOS International Inc., 1995, New York, NY contributing artist illustrated exhibited at The Paula Cooper Gallery and The International Women’s Conference, Beijing, China 1995 illustrated

Kahn, Robin & Mimi Somerby, editors, PROMOTIONAL COPY, contributing artist illustrated, D.A.P. Publishers, 1993 New York, NY. Exhibited at The Guggenheim Downtown Museum of Art, illustrated
Braid, Bernice & Cris Gleicher, editors, Orientation Seminar 1: The University – Discovery and Change photographic contribution, covers, Long Island University, Brooklyn Campus, Copley Publishing Group, 1993 Acton, MA
Space Questions: art + nature + culture, site specific installations in South Carolina, 2004 Sumter, SC illustrated, served as art director of catalogue and obtained publication granting funds
Articles and Reviews

Cazenovia College, "Associate Professor Jen Pepper Finds Artistic Enrichment in Norway, Iceland and Denmark," Faculty Profile pages, Cazenovia, NY, June 23, 2016, illustrated. profiles/art-design/jen-pepper
Collins, Jane, "'Aurora Sojourn' captures essence of Scandinavia", The Item, July 18, 2015, p.A3, illustrated
Moore, Ivy, "Gallery presents 'Aurora Sojourn,' The Item, Sumter, SC, July 12, 2015, p.A1 + C17, illustrated
Grimelid Oppedal, Vilde, "Kledde seg i fjorden", Hordaland Folkeblad, Norheimsund, NORWAY, June 19, 2015, p.10, illustrated
Grimelid Oppedal, Vilde, "Strikkar fjorden," Hordaland Folkeblad, Norheimsund, NORWAY, April 7, 2015, p.10, illustrated
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Moore, Ivy, "Magnolia, homage to S.C., opening at FAC," The Item, Sunday, January 15, 2012, Sumter, SC, p. C6, illustrated
Bibliography Section Article
"A busy year at the Reisman gallery," by Pierce Smith, Editor © The Cazenovia Republican, Eagle Newspapers, illus. Vol.203, No. 40, Oct 05, 2011, pg. 3, Syracuse, NY Print & web
"A Way with Words, Visual Artist Jen Pepper Molds and Shapes Language"
by Katherine Rushworth, photos by Michelle Gabel, Central New York Magazine, March/April 2011, illus. p.139-148
© 2011 The Post-Standard. All rights reserved. Used with permission of The Post-Standard, Syracuse New York
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Sculpture magazine, March 2011, Vol. 30 No. 2, a publication of the International Sculpture Center, Washington, D.C. illus. p. 68-69
Bibliography Section Article
Carbone, Audra, The WILTON
"Weir Farm Artist In Residence Jen Pepper presents her work." June 02, 2010
Bibliography Section Article
Kern, Steven, "New Everson show features Parrish," The Post-Standard / Stars, page 2, Sunday, April 4, 2010, Syracuse, NY
Rushworth, Katherine, "Compelling New Everson exhibition," The Post-Standard / Stars, Sunday, March 14, 2010, Syracuse, NY
Bibliography Section Article
Kern, Steven, “New Everson exhibits grows out of Impressionists,” The Post-Standard / Stars, Sunday, February 07, 2010 Syracuse, NY
Bibliography Section Article
Moore, Ivy, The Item "Wunderkammers: Why do we Collect?" DEC 7, 2008 Sumter, SC illustrated
Bibliography Section Article
Dufort, Jon, “The Object and Beyond,” Syracuse New Times AUG 13, 2008 Syracuse, NY, illustrated
Bibliography Section Article
Mellor, Carl, “Made to Order,” Syracuse New Times, AUG 13, 2008 Syracuse, NY
Bibliography Section Article
Rushworth, Katherine, “2008 Everson Biennial Stellar,” The Post-Standard, Sunday JUN 22, 2008 Syracuse, NY illustrated
Bibliography Section Article
Johnson, Melinda, “2008 Everson Biennial, The Object and Beyond,” The Post-Standard, Sunday JUN 8, 2008 Syracuse, NY illustrated
Bibliography Section Article
Ordonez, Frank, "Chrome on a Bumper Crop," The Post Standard, OCT 20, 2007 Syracuse, NY illustrated
Moore, Ivy, Sculpture magazine – NOV 2005 Washington, D.C. Vol. 24 No. 9, p. 73 illustrated
Bibliography Section Article
Allen, Jane Ingram, Sculpture, “Inspiration and Renewal: Sculpture Residencies,” Vol. 17 No.2, Washington, D.C., 1998 illustrated
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Schindler, Richard, “Regional Reviews: CT, Slater Memorial Museum/Jennifer Pepper,” Art New England APR 1990
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